Franck Bonville Champagne

Blanc des Blancs Grand Cru from the Côte des Blancs

Récoltant manipulant from
Avize, Oger, and Les Mesnil-sur-Oger

Franck Bonville is a family-owned, Grand Cru, blanc des blancs, Récoltant Manipulant (RM) Champagne producer. A ‘Cru’ is a winemaking village where a specific combination of grape variety, terroir, and climate are found. Of the 320 Crus in Champagne, only 17 are Grand Cru (soil of the most superior grade), of those 17 only 6 are found in the Côte des Blancs (The White Hillsides) named for only using white grapes (Chardonnay) in their Champagne. RM denotes the producer only uses grapes from their own vineyards.

Franck Bonville is a blanc des blancs Récoltant Manipulant (RM) producer (only uses white grapes grown in their own vineyards). One of only six Grand Cru Côte des Blancs (RM) producers in France.

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Bottle of Les Belles Voyes - Grand cru Blanc de Blancs by Franck Bonville

Les Belles Voyes – Grand cru Blanc de Blancs

We have selected a single vineyard named «Les Belles Voyes» in the famous Grand Cru hillside of Oger. This plot is the witness of the origins of our house. The grapes are always well ripen and pressed separately. Wooden casks are used for the vinification of this famous Terroir and fifteen of them will be selected to compose the blending of the Belles Voyes Cuvée. A long ageing time on the lees completes the vinification.

Exotic floral notes of the Chardonnay combine with those brought by the wood such as butter, honey and vanilla. The finish is fresh and mineral.


We recommend the tasting of “Les Belles Voyes” with connoisseurs, friends and family. Perfect in aperitif, it will accompany smoked fish, shellfish or poultry.

Bottle of Pur Avize Champagne by Franck Bonville

Pur Avize – Grand cru Blanc de Blancs

The nose is lightly closed at first. Then, it opens by the aeration and gives delicious aromas of fresh cut pineapple, pear and mango. The mouth is generous, ample and complex. We can feel a very pleasant freshness and also a beautiful creamy texture.

That is a Champagne from Avize for sure: elegant and generous, it lasts long in mouth. Its natural minerality is always very significant.


Providing an endless purity, we advise you to open this cuvée by the aperitif or to pair it with a finely cooked anglerfish.

Bottle of Pur Mesnil Champagne by Franck Bonville

Pur Mesnil – Grand cru Blanc de Blancs

On this Champagne – exclusively made of our best plots from Le Mesnil sur Oger – the nose is more discreet. The fresh fruity side is always here and moreover, some beautiful floral notes come to complete the previous fragrances.

The mouth is straight, direct and sophisticated. Then, the elegant minerality arrives to surprise the lusciousness of the tasting. The iodized and lightly salty end confers this cuvée a real different personality.


The remarkable freshness of this Champagne will make your aperitif a lovely moment. Its pairing with a beautiful lobster is also an advisable perfect match.

Bottle of Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico

Pur Oger – Grand cru Blanc de Blancs

The nose is open and lets us discover aromas of bakery and also a delicious scent of vanilla. Even if fragrances of pineapple are quite above others, we can absolutely imagine the vanilla tart that the nose refers to.

The mouth is round, savory and rich. This is a consensual wine which is perfectly balanced by the youngness of vintage 2012.


Always a good choice by the aperitif, the roundness of this vintage – that exclusively comes from our best chardonnays of Oger – will perfectly pair with lightly creamy scallops.

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